Fruit growth promoter


Natkel® is a unique fertilizer that stimulates the increase of size and fruit quality. The combination of nutrients and algae accelerates plant metabolism and power the sink effect of the fruits. 
Natkel® activates the synthesis of plant growth regulators, which automatically increase internal signals to redirect available reserves and photoassimilates to fruits during growing. The result are fruits with better qualitative and quantitative parameters.


Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) soluble in water 7 % p/p
Potassium oxide (K2O) soluble in water 14 % p/p
Carbon (C) organic 6 % p/p
Boron (B) soluble in water 0,2 % p/p
Manganese (Mn) soluble in water and chelated by EDTA 0,15 % p/p


Natkel® exerts its action in all crops.

Foliar application:
· Berries, strawberry: 250-400 cc/hl during fruit growth and every 15 days during the production period.
· Bulbs and tubers: 300-400 cc/hl at the start of the growth of tubers.
· Cereal crops: 3-5 l/ha after tillering and ear emergence.
· Citrus trees: 300-500 cc/hl at fruits with a 5-20 mm diameter and after 15-20 days.
· Stone and pome fruit trees / Tropical fruit trees: 300-500 cc/hl at fruits with a 20-40 mm diameter and after 15-20 days. In pome fruit, apply 300-400 cc/hl after petal fall.
· Horticultural crops: 250-450 cc/hl after each newly established fruits.
· Industrial crops: 3-5 l/ha during grain filling .
· Legume crops: 250-400 cc/hl after fruit set of first pods and every 10-15 days.
· Olive tree: 300-500 cc/hl after fruit set of fruits and after 15-20 days.
· Vine: 300-400 cc/hl at berries with a 5-10 mm diameter and after 15 days.

20-25 l/ha, doing 2-3 applications after fruit set and during fruit growth period.


Apply Natkel® at the times indicated in the dose section.

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