uni pc

Since drip irrigation systems operate at relatively low pressures, even small variations in pressure can have a significant effect on how uniformly the system applies water to the crop. For this reason, pressure compensating  drip pipes are often used, especially on fields where the elevation varies considerably, or when a long running distances of drip pipes laterals are needed.

UNI-PC Drip Pipes

UNI-PC is clogging resistant due to the unique flow path structure design.
UNI-PC drip line grants an easy layout. UNI-PC has low CV, ≤ 5%.
UNI-PC manufactured from durable materials resistant to fertilizers commonly used in irrigation.

UNI-PC Flow rates for wall thickness of 1.0 mm are 2.1 & 3.5 lph at 1.0 bar for OD 16 mm pipes.
UNI-PC has a constant discharge over a pressure range of 1.0 – 3.0 bars .
UNI-PC is cost effective way to irrigate crops in difficult topographical conditions, low and varying water pressures and where longer laterals are required.
UNI-PC can be produced in one, dual or more water outlets holes & from both outlet sides of the dripper.


Cost effective solution for all kinds of field row crops, vegetables, greenhouses, nurseries and fruit orchards.
UNI-PC can be used in surface and subsurface irrigation systems.

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